Running out of things to do with your student as it heats up outside this summer? Check out these 10 STEM activities to do from the comfort of home that last 30 minutes or longer.

1. Paint with a pendulum and discover how gravity and force affect swinging objects. Also included is a recipe for washable sidewalk paint if you want to do the experiment outside.

2. Test engineering skills by building Styrofoam cup bridgestoothpick bridges and drinking straws and newspaper bridges.

3. Get up close and personal with the star that heats our planet by making a 3D model of the sun. Learn key terms such as photosphere and umbra and discover the different layers of our sun.

4. This downloadable PDF gives the instructions on making a 2 liter bottle rocket, but with a twist- this rocket has a unique passenger, known as the Eggstronaut.

5. Check out this video to test the top five egg drop designs. Then, take some time to create your own.

6. Jump in the kitchen and whip up some asteroids… potato asteroids!

7. Ever wonder how to make thunder and lightning happen in your living room? STEM Works has the answer for you.

8. PLTW suggests creating a discovery jar. One day, sit with your student and brainstorm all of the questions he or she has about the world- from weather to architecture to terahertz- and write them on slips of paper that goes into a jar. Every day, let your student pick a slip of paper and spend time researching their question online and at the library.

9. Candy can be more than just something sweet. Candy can also teach geometry, and Scientific American has the experiment to prove it.

10. In case you missed the exploding watermelon video, explode your own and talk about the principles of compression and force while wearing appropriate eyewear.