Q: Who is Colorado STEM Connect for?

Colorado STEM Connect was developed so parents and other caregivers, teachers, and policymakers could know about STEM in CO including STEM programs and opportunities for kids and their families.  It was also created with program providers in mind, providing the means for discovering new partners as well as ways to showcase the STEM opportunities that providers are offering for youth.


Q: How did Colorado STEM Connect come to be?

Launched in 2016, Colorado STEM Connect is a project of the Colorado Education Initiative. Colorado STEM Connect is the place for Colorado learners to explore and discover Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) programs and opportunities. In 2016, the NC STEM Center entered into a partnership with The Connectory a national database of STEM opportunities managed by the National Girls Collaborative. CO programs and opportunities are shared in Colorado STEM Connect and The Connectory.


Q: Is there a cost to search for opportunities, programs or to join Colorado STEM Connect?

Colorado STEM Connect is free to use! Under site connect with local STEM activities and programs. If you are a family member looking for STEM programs, visit the “Programs” tab of the “Find” page and start exploring the STEM programs near you. If you are looking for opportunities to involve your child in STEM activities in your area, visit our “Opportunities” tab. Finally, if are a program provider and want to promote your program and opportunities, it costs nothing to sign up and only takes a few minutes. Visit the “Share” page to begin. Once you have an account, it is easy to promote the variety of youth STEM opportunities that your program hosts. With the partnership between Colorado STEM Connect and The Connectory, your program will be seen on both Colorado STEM Connect site and The Connectory site.


Q: What kinds of opportunities can I search for?

Colorado STEM Connect features a range of STEM opportunities for K-12 youth, including afterschool clubs, summer camps, and upcoming one-day events. Browse all the STEM programs and opportunities near you or narrow your search using our advanced filters, such as by topic or type of opportunity.