Running out of things to do with your student as summer heats up? Check out these 10 STEM activities to do at home- all in 30 minutes or less.

1. Learn about principles such as molecular attraction and separation with Science Kid’s Oil and Water experiment with things that you probably already have at home.

2. Annenburg Learner created a list of quick math games that teach odds, patterns and saving money with math.

3. Take a walk outside, searching for as many bug species as you can. Spend the time after the walk searching the internet for images of the bugs you found, and look up interesting facts about them.

4. Head to Youtube and watch videos that explain even the most complex principles. Minute Physics is a great channel to start off watching, discussing everyday physics uses such as car crashes and piano tuning.

5. Follow these steps to make your own water cycle in a bag. This is a hands-on way to visualize the different processes in the water cycle- from evaporation to condensation.

6. Build paper airplanes and have a competition to see whose plane can fly the farthest. For more advanced airplane builders, try building the paper airplane that can support the most weight.

7. Play a game with NASA Kid’s Club. Kids can color pages or go on a virtual mission to Jupiter, all from the comfort of home.

8. Science Bob shared a way to make starch slime in as an experiment, complete with questions to ask before and a discussion of how it works.

9. Have you ever put raisins in a glass of club soda? Ever wondered what would happen? PBS Kids has the experiment and the answers.

10. Raid the pantry and make a snack. Practice math skills by observing fractions hands-on while cooking or baking. Plus, at the end of the lesson, you have a tasty treat.