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At the beginning of the summer, the North Carolina General Assembly voted to change the way students in public schools learn math – by incorporating traditional math and common core standards in a more understandable way for teachers and students.

The final revisions recently were announced, and here are the big changes that you can expect to see.

Some concepts have been added, some moved to other curriculums while other concepts were deleted all together. The full list of what each student should learn each year starting in kindergarten can be found here.

Math 1, the beginning level of high school math, removed seven tenants of the curriculum for this year. Things that won’t be taught include two-way tables, volumes of cylinders, pyramids, cones and spheres, vertical and horizontal translations of functions, rewriting algebraic expressions with rational exponents, geometric definitions, using structure to rewrite expressions and unit analysis, scale, level of accuracy. Concepts being added include rewriting algebraic expressions with integer exponents, understanding the relationship between factors, solutions, and zeros of a quadratic function, solving quadratic equations using square roots and factions and use of formal recursive notations.

Math 2 has 31 notable changes.  Two-way tables moved from Math 1 to Math 2, and this section also includes the addition of similarity through transformations, using special right triangles to solve problems, prove theorems about lines and angles and writing non-real solutions of quadratic equations as complex numbers, just to name a few. What students won’t be learning in this section are concepts such as geometric definitions and constructions, laws of sine and cosine, modeling with geometry and using permutations and combinations to compute probabilities.

Math 3 has the most changes, 22 of the 35 changes being concepts removed from the standards. This year, students will learn how to use volume to solve problems, rewrite exponential concepts and the properties of the centers of triangles. Moved to this year is modeling with geometry. Several concepts were removed from the curriculum, some of which are proving Pythagorean identity and theorems about lines and angles, operations with complex numbers, rational and irrational numbers and analyzing decisions with probability.

According to reports, more changes are expected to come in the next two years after the passing of HB 657 that will require public schools to offer two math tracks: Math 1, 2 and 3 as well as Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 2.